Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 Isn't that a great number?

If ever there was a date that screamed "new", it's got to be 1/1/11 -- full of hope, last year but memories, and lots of dreams for quilting.

What to do?   Make a list?  Set goals?  Meander through UFOs or put them aside?  For me - it's a list that is very fluid.  I always add more, I never delete, and I recognize I won't finish them all.  But I love the accomplishment as a top is finished, then quilted, then bound, and then given to someone I love or put in "inventory" for the right purpose at the right time.

What to do?

1.  Carolina Christmas - quilt/bind
2.  My birthday quilt - piece/quilt/bind by April (a year is long enough)
3.  Rectangles quilt - borders, quilt, bind
4.  Mark Lapinski TATW - quilt, bind, to Matt/Miya by June
5.  NYB - borders; quilting TBD and not sure this year -- a bit daunting
6.  Cotton Boll - piece/quilt/bind
7.  I Spy for grandson - cut/piece/quilt/bind by June
8.  Quilt for MBS
9.  Quilt for Joe
10.  Quilt for SE
11.  Lollypops by Kim McLean - make at least 3 blocks
12.  Waverunner - quilt, bind
13.  Challenge quilt - cut/piece top by April; finish by end of year

A short list for me -- but enough to get me started, keep me focused on getting some gifts done (weddings abound this year), challenges to learn from, and enough latitude to go in a different direction if I want to!

What about you?  Anything pressing that you just "have to do this year"????

Stay warm!  Jan

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