Monday, January 3, 2011

Can you dillydally?

I take absolutely no credit for the following -- other than to pass it on for consideration as we think about 2011!  It comes from a site I visit regularly and the person that posted it didn't remember where she found it.  If you know the blogger who gives us this new view of what we should focus on in 2011, I'm more than happy to provide a link!

Can we do this -- I've already posted 2 lists -- what I didn't get done and what I want to get done.  Can I really add dillydallying to this?  What are other words for dillydallying?  Do they work better for you?

I so appreciate this look at the importance of slowing down -- loving our ffamily, friends, and ourselves, managing our creativity on a whim vs a deadline? I'm going to try -- starting today when I have the house to myself and don't have to work.  A rarity of epic proportion that I'm going to make the most of!!   So -- for your consideration and joy -- Keep piecing (and dillydallying), Jan

I went back and checked my post New Years Day 2010 ... these are the resolutions I posted a year ago today ...
  • Will dillydally at least a little everyday.
  • Will only work on what feels good at the moment.
  • Will begin new projects on a whim.
  • Will only complete projects when there is the urge to do so.
  • Will continue to add to my current fabric, yarn, kit and pattern collections.
  • Will spend time dillydallying with those who understand the dillydally lifestyle.
  • Will actively recruit and encourage others to adopt the principles of dillydallying.
I am a "work in progress" (as are we all), but I must say I did very well on all but the last one. So here is my point ... Life is complicated and unfair ... dillydallying is where we should find respite from life's harsh realities! Do not allow regret, shame, guilt and remorse bleed into the part of your life that brings you the healing power of calm and joy. There are no UFO's only projects in progress! So what if your sewing room is a mess as long as you're creating! Get organized only if it makes you happy! Unused fabric and yarn that has been stored for years is now vintage ... it has increased in value ... rarity does that you know!

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