Monday, January 24, 2011

A little progress.....

Oh -- this is so fun!  A little football, a little tennis, a little private time and some stitching.  AND, a lot of learning.  If you can do it wrong, I've done it.  I hope that bodes well for the next one.

This block needs 20 more circles and I can call it done.  When I think about what I've learned and the time to stitch, I'm pretty pleased with the time investment.  If I decide it's not good enough, it can be a pillow or a NICU quilt.  No need to make that decision right now.

I'm sad to say it goes on hold for the balance of the week as I have to start travelling for business.  So, the hexagons are packed and maybe I can get 4 GFG blocks made in airports, hotels, and who knows where.  I hope you're having a productive and rewarding time with your creativity.

Keep piecing!  Jan

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