Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm just not sure...

Arggghhhh!  The colors aren't particularly good on these.  I am a firm believer in making practice blocks before I get in too deeply on a project.  I can learn a lot about what to do and sometimes will not even start a project b/c I didn't enjoy it or ended up not liking it. 

These are practice blocks for Lollypops by Kim McLean.  I'm practicing my applique -- it's been years -- and trying out background fabrics.  I'll probably post on Glorious Applique's blog (have you been there -- it's grand) to get some feedback from the experts. 

I bought the bottom fabric for thsi project.  I wanted a bit of color but no direction in the pattern.  The top fabric is a deep deep black with ginkgo leaves (can you see them?) and when I saw it (Marcus Brothers), I bought the entire bolt.  Seriously.  I had to have it all.  I love the black -- I do not love the show through which you can see on the "heads" of the lollypops.  The bodies still have freezer paper in them so there is no show through there. The heads don't and I have cut the background away on the one on the left and you can see the shadows -- and you can certainly see them on the pink one.  I'm a bit baffled at this point and would welcome comments.  I've considered another background but this could go on forever and I could never get started!

Keep piecing (or appliquing!), Jan

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