Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending the year with more UFOs than I started

I'm not sure how this happened -- I'm usually pretty diligent about keeping up. Three years ago I pledged to finish a quilt top every month (and not wall hangings, either) and I did. This year -- not so much. Maybe it was a new grandson. Maybe it was painting and redecorating the living room. Maybe it was a flooded basement and months (literally) of chaos related to that. Maybe it was an acquisition at work and 12 hour days. Whatever it was -- it got in the way of play and that's never a good thing!

So -- off the top of my head, I have the following unfinished quilts needing some attention.

1. Amy Butler (or was it Valori Wells) fabrics/rectangles-needs inner and outer borders.
2. Bumblebeans waverunner (so fun) - needs quilting
3. Mark Lapinski challenge (TATW) - needs quilting
4. New York Beauty - needs borders
5. Homespun tumblers - needs borders
6. Brown baby quilt - needs quilting
7. Waffle quilt out of Gee's Bend fabrics - needs finishing
8. Ohio Star - needs finishing
9. Carolina Christmas mystery - needs quilting

That's without taking inventory -- I fear there are others. I certainly won't be setting a goal of a quilt a month, this year--but I might think about doing better than I did this year. How about you? Was 2010 more productive or less productive than 2009? More importantly, I think -- was whether it was more fulfilling and creative!

Keep piecing and Happy New Year! Jan

PS -- after posting, I remembered
10. Ugly fabric challenge - needs quilting
11. Practice lattice - needs quilting
12.  My birthday quilt - finish piecing
13.  30's fabric quilt - binding
14.  Paperweight - barely started
15. Cmas quilt from jelly roll - needs quilting
16.  Project Linus strings - needs quilting


Janet said...

I was really quite good and focused this year but last year I was just having fun and was all over the place. I do have a loose list of projects in my head but I think I'll be playing it by ear in 2011. Here's to a happy and healthy year full of stitching.

grandmarockton said...

I think they muliply in the dark?? or so it seems earier to start than finish////lol