Tuesday, December 21, 2010

600 HSTs -- really?

Like many out there, I'm a big fan of Bonnie Hunter's scrap management system. I take great pride in all my bins of strips, squares, and bricks. I take the most pride in the fact that my bushel basket (seriously) of scraps has been tamed, trimmed, and put up. So -- what's a quilter to do when Bonnie posts another mystery that will let you use these pre-cuts on a weekly basis? I was a little daunted by a step that needs 60 strip pieced 8.5" squares (and I'm still working on those) but I was overwhelmed at the thought of 600 HSTs that trim out at 2"/finish at 1.5"! However, I'm plodding along and relishing no precutting strips -- I have enough precut red strips at 2" to do twice that many -- thanks to making 196 red napkins in glorious fabrics for my son's wedding rehearsal. Am I making a dent in my stash? No. Am I freeing up space in my 2" storage bin? You bet and I'm lovin' it!

Keep piecing --

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