Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two for the price of one -- sort of

One quilt pattern (and I can't find the name to give credit -- I'll keep looking) and two quilts.  Lots of sewing and lots of fun.  What a great stashbuster block this is.  I'm already thinking about the next one (shirts from goodwill?  batiks?  more blacks and whites?). 

I first saw this when a friend made it with B/W and various shades of hot pink.  It was stunning and I knew I had to make one -- and if you're  making one, why not make two, right?  I'm filing that away for the inevitable day when I need a quilt for a friend or family member who's been diagnosed with breast cancer and needs a hug.

These are for two people I work with as I prepare to retire in the next few months.  One is an avid University of Kentucky fan (hence, the all blue fabrics).  I couldn't keep myself from one little strip of the "other" state team that is the nemesis of UK (and happens to be my alma mater). 

The other is for a special man who has been wonderful to work with and he has two small children.  This seemed perfect for a snuggle on a cold morning.

There is a lot of sewing in these quilts but they were so much fun. I could sit and sew and no thinking was required.  Sometimes you just need that!

So -- I hope you are piecing and quilting and feeling creative. Don't you love fabric?  Jan


Pinkadot Quilts said...

So cool! I have to put this one in my idea file!

Mary said...

Cool quilts. Is this a string pieced quilt using a paper foundation? You certainly had a lot of black and white fabric.

judith lockhart said...

Now those are some really neat quilts. Look like they would be easy AND fun to make!

Connie said...

Neat quilts and how sweet of you to make them for your fellow workers! Thanks for sharing!
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Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

Those are very cool quilts - I love how you threw the 'other'color in there just for fun on the blue quilt!