Saturday, July 23, 2011

A finish - and two shameless plugs

Hurray -- one more done and on its way!  Hopefully this will get to Missoula, Montana by today.  A special young man is getting married this weekend and this was made in his honor.  Joe was our son's roommate in college for three years (including a year of "exchange" at the University of Montana in Missoula).  What a wonderful state and great people.

Joe has relocated to Missoula and started his own business (here comes the first "plug").  An artist in many mediums, Joe has started "Leather and Canvas" and focuses on handmade equipment for the outdoor sports person -- particularly the fly fishing fan.  He started on an old sewing machine of his mothers and scouted yard sales as he would burn up machines. Everytime we visited them in college, we found a new creation (bag, pack, jacket, charcoal drawing, nude in oils, something! - His creativity knows no bounds). 

Today, he is still a home based business but is growing in reputation and building a following.  Check him out and be sure to link to some of his artwork.  His journey is similar to a quilters -- a desire to design and produce original designs -- all on a sewing machine and by hand.   We wish Jen and him the best.  He's an absolute doll!

This quilt was made with a set of FQ (20) out of Valori Wells Olive Rose collection (the second plug is coming!).  They were given to me by my sister a year ago at Christmas and she will not mind my telling you they were 20 FQ for $20.  True story.  First run fabrics and lots of fun.  If you have never checked out Whittles Fabrics -- you must. 

I would not call Whittles a "quilt store" -- they are more of a "fabric store" that caters to quilters.  And their prices reflect their approach to lower overhead than a quilt shop, a focus on value, and a lower cost of living than many locations.  You cannot find better service, more helpful staff, and better regular priced fabric than Whittles.  They are usually cheaper than the sale rack at the LQS!  The Moda wide backs are wonderful and reasonable.  So, if you're looking for a new source of fabric that doesn't break the bank - check them out.

That's it from the world of temp living -- I hope you are piecing, appliquing, and quilting to your heart's content!  Jan

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