Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let le Tour begin!

I love the Tour de France.  I don't bike competitively (I barely bike for pleasure).  I don't fully understand the point system.  I can't imagine why anyone would put themselves through this type of pain.  I've never been to a competitive bike race.  And yet -- I love the Tour.

In honor of the tour, I thought I would show pictures of all my "yellow" quilts.    There aren't any.  Period.  I certainly have lots of scrap quilts with beautiful yellows or cheddars in them -- but no yellow quilts.  Or even, primarily yellow quilts.

Somewhere I heard a revered quilter say that every quilt should have just a touch of yellow in it to give it "life".  Obviously her opinion and I tend to agree that every scrappy quilt should have some yummy yellows.  I'm not sure about that statement otherwise.  I don't think a bit of yellow would have made me happy in my indigo quilt which was all "real" indigoes (what a pain!) and shirtings. 

In reality, I suspect we all have colors that we gravitate toward and others that we have to work to collect.  For me, it's yellow, pink, and orange.  I'll go for neutrals, blues, and even browns in a heartbeat but I have to "shop" for the others.  It's not a chore.  It just has to be thoughtful.  As a result, I now have more yellows than I have some other colors.  That's not the case with pinks and oranges and I still look for those when I think of it.  Do you have a color that doesn't come to you naturally?  Lime green used to fall in that category as well for me and now I'll snatch one up if I see it.  Love it!

I'll spend the next three weeks watching the Tour, wondering at the scenery and historical architecture with the incredible camera work, and relishing the colors of the peleton as they wind through the valleys and mountains.  The shots from above are like an impressionist painting to me as I see all their jerseys intermixed and I fully intend to make a quilt with my impressions of that one of these days.  It's on "the list".

Maybe this time next year -- I'll even have a predominantly yellow quilt to honor it!

Keep piecing, Jan


Mary said...

I don't bike at all, but I do follow de tour with my hubby! I recently took an applique workshop, so now I have a handwork project to do while we watch the daily replays!

MJinMichigan said...

My family doesn't understand my interest in the Tour. I'm not much of a sports fan but have watched the Tour for the past 8 years and look forward to it each year. I'm amazed by how much strategy is involved.
I've never ma a prominently yellow quilt but after seeing all the yellow quilts on Bonnie Hunter's blog this week I may give it a try.

LuAnn said...

I once had someone tell me that there should be a bit of orange in every quilt. I don't have a yellow quilt either. I didn't realize you are moving. How far are you going? I hope it all goes smoothly for you.