Saturday, May 28, 2011


This has been quite the week.  On two separate blogs that I follow with quilters who are separated by half the world, two young men they loved died.  One in his 20's took his own life and the other in his late teens died suddenly in his sleep - presumably of natural causes.  But when you say "natural causes" about any young person's death -- it's not true.  There is nothing "natural" about that.

It has been heartwarming and reaffirming to see the support and caring that has gone out to both of these talented quilters.  Although in these minutes, they are not 'quilters' to us - they are mothers with broken hearts.  It gives me pause to think about how much we learn about each other as daily or weekly or monthly comments are posted to blogs.  There are hints in references to family member, work, location, trials, etc.  Some of us are very open with who we are and what we do and where we are.  Others, more circumspect.  But, nevertheless, there are links that begin to form as family members are mentioned, personal events shared, etc.  And, so, when someone we know from our computers has pain and shares it, we feel pain with them.

If this were someone we knew personally -- we would give them a quilt.  But these are generally people we will never meet, haven't seen pictures of, and there is no physical connection -- just a personal one from reading about their lives. So, instead of a quilt, we give them comments, we offer prayers, we send good wishes, and we hope for better days for them.

I feel remarkably blessed in so many ways and these unexpected and tragic deaths are such a good reminder of how lucky we all are and how important our friends and family are to us.

I hope you feel equally blessed today, Jan

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