Saturday, May 7, 2011


If you are from Kentucky, you know today is an incredibly special day.  We grow up watching the Derby, having parties that range from small intimate gatherings to huge lawn parties with friendly wagering, mint juleps, bourbon, and fun! Ladies wear hats and tears come to the eye (or at least a lump in the throat) when they sing "My Old Kentucky Home".  It's hard to explain to anyone who has not  lived in Kentucky but to this day, the world stops for me during the two minutes the horses run. 

So -- why pictures of a wedding?  In honor of today being Derby Day, they seemed appropriate.  Our son got married on Derby Day three years ago and had a Derby wedding.  The ceremony was before the running, we had a Derby party with a big screen TV and proper singing of My Old Kentucky Home, there were prizes for those that wore the best hats to the wedding, a bit of betting, and our dinner was after the race.

It was a great day for many many reasons -- not the least of which is that our only son married the love of his life.  But it was great fun to see our new Canadian family, who was much better versed in Stanley Cup tradition than the Kentucky Derby, stand up, sing along with all the Kentucky gathering, and watch the race with some level of excitement.

So, today is obviously not their anniversary but for us, it sort of is and always will be.  There's the day they got married and then there's Derby Day!

I hope you have wonderful traditions where you live that make you smile when you think about them....

Keep piecing, Jan

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