Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sometimes you just have to make it!

This is another one of those quilts that when I saw it -- I had to make it.  It is an original design by a quilt shop in Madison WI and I fell in love with the sample on the wall.  It was also the cover quilt for BHG Top Ten Quilt Shops several years back.  Considering I made this in 2005, it was at least then or maybe 2004. They had samples in a bright colorway and the dark/medium fabrics. 

It still makes my heart sing when I see pix of it. Lots of cutting (this was prior to my having my scraps under a bit of control), lots of piecing, and lots of fun.  I fully intended to keep this quilt forever.  You know how some quilts need to stay with you? 

But --that was not to be.  It now lives in Madison with my son and daughter-in-law.  He fell in love with it and made no bones about how much he liked it.  Too bad -- my quilt and he could enjoy it when he came to visit.  And then --- he had a difficult professor who was a jerk on his PhD committee at the same time he had to be on crutches for a sports injury and it was not a happy time.  While the rest of his committee was up in arms over the jerk and he was getting lots of support from his friends but still facing another committee meeting for what I'm told was no reason (I have absolutely no idea about this stuff), a mother still wants to bring some comfort, right?  So, on our next visit, the quilt made a trip to Madison and is now in his possession.  Quilts give comfort and it was all I could do besides commiserate and listen. And, it makes me happy when I see they still use it.

This is one of those quilts that is on my list to repeat at some point.  And, now that I cut more fabric into strips, there might be a little less cutting.  There certainly would be more variety in the scraps since I have more fabric now than I did then.  But -- it still makes me smile when I see it!  I bet you have a few of those too!

Keep piecing (and cutting those strips)!  Jan


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hi, Jan! I have a few of those "must repeat" patterns... but then, there are so many quilts and so little time... ha! Glad you're having fun and that you get visiting privileges. :)

LuAnn said...

What a great scrap quilt. I love looking at all of those fabrics.

Glenda said...

Just stumbled across this quilt of your and like you when I saw it I said "one day??????????" but it still has not happened but will!!!!!!! Yours I must admit is the best I have ever seen so I'm glad you did not have to many strips to choose from as it is a SHOW stopper as it is. Thanks for sharing the story behind it, one of my son's went through the same thing and ended up repeating his final year But two years later with a different professor and passed with the very top marks!!!!! Cheers Glenda