Saturday, April 23, 2011

In honor of Easter....

..... I thought I would post a picture of a "spring-like" quilt, in spite of Chicago having measurable snow, wind chills, and horrible cold rainy weather for over a week.  After all, it is Easter week which conjures up images of sun, beautifully colored eggs, flowers, ribbons on hats, frilly socks, and warmth (at least in my head as I remember it).  Apparently that paradigm has shifted for this month.  Definitely a winter month here in the midwest!

The perfect quilt to post pictures of would have been the applique quilt for my sister -- it is in soft colors and has one or two baskets on it.  But I've already posted that.  Or, there is the basket quilt I made using Alex Anderson's pattern where you piece the little baskets, sew in the curved handle and applique down one side.  I love that pattern but mine did not come out like hers -- no matter how I laid it out.  The 4.5"baskets just didn't play well with each other -- even though it was definitely a scrappy quilt.  And, it wasn't too "springy" so that's not appropriate.

 But -- if I'm looking for a quilt to boost my spirits in spite of the weather, this one does.  I sort of made up the pattern after seeing a picture of a similar quilt.  These beautiful fabrics were given to me for my birthday by a very good friend (I call this my Birthday Confetti Quilt) and were fat 1/8's, I think.  There are 10+ shades in here and some very very subtle. I wanted to use every inch of those beautiful fabrics and I wanted them to to be the stars.  I think they are. 

I love this quilt and plan to keep it forever.  It is on a chair in our bedroom so I can see it everyday...and for this week and in the spirit of the Easter season, I'll rename it the Jelly Bean Quilt. Don't those colors remind you of jelly beans???

Have a blessed Easter and keep piecing....Jan


Goldogmom said...

This is so pretty Jan, it makes me smile :-), and feel hopeful. Thank you for the inspiration.

corina said...

I love your quilt! No wonder it won first at the Quilting Gallery! I'm looking forward to following your quilting adventures.