Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rites of Spring -- but not this year

 Are there certain quilting 'events' that are seasonal for you?  A retreat?  A quilt show?  A sale at your LQS?  For me, it was Rosemont -- the big quilt show in the Chicago area that came every April and was incredible. 

Booths of fabric, patterns, tools, books, samples, everything.  Display quilts that ranged from vintage to modern to mind-blowing.  Long days perusing the booths with friends and lots of laughter and tired feet.  I loved it.  I looked forward to it.  I left inspired (and tired).

But not this year.....

Rosemont is no longer.  The spring show that is affiliated with Houston and Long Beach is in Cincinnati this weekend.  I hope they miss us.  We miss them terribly.  This is what happens when unions and bureaucracy make it hard to do business with booth set up and then hotel costs are high.  It is a good business decision.  But my quilting circadian rhythms have been interrupted. Seriously interrupted. 

If you go --- take a peek at the quilts on display. I believe the quilt you see here has been there at least two years.  It is incredible and my pix do not do it justice.  Check out the close up. I believe those little blocks finish ... FINISH ... at about 2" each.  They are not 3".  This quilt is an inspiration to me.  I am not likely to ever make it -- but I go back to it regularly to marvel at it.  You may remember an earlier post of a log cabin/courthouse steps quilt made from silk that was vintage -- also Rosemont.  Also an inspiration. 

Stay inspired and keep piecing!  Jan

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LuAnn said...

I did a quilt like that and my nine patches finished at 1 1/2". I did a trip around the world setting with an alternate block - 964 nine patches. I was at a retreat up in Shipshewana so I didn't get to the Cincinnati show either...maybe next year.