Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Madness

Does that term mean anything to you?  If you're from Kentucky (as I am), it means college basketball, family pools, lots of games, and plenty of excitement.  Second only to the Derby.

But this year it means so much more.  Too much work, too little sewing/quilting/fabric fondling, home projects, business travel, and dark cloudy skies with only a dream of spring right now.

I don't think I like this madness.  I have not touched my machine in two weeks and we're about to head into three.  That's just wrong and you'd think as an adult, I could make that happen.  But no -- I don't think so -- at least not this weekend.

The quilt on the left is one of my favorite quilts and if you've done a One Block Wonder you know there is a lot of cutting, a lot of sewing, and a lot of design decisions.  And then --- voila -- there is a quilt that cna make your heart sing when you're done. 

So, what's the connection with the whining above about no time and this quilt?  I can't get it out of my head.  How's that for March Madness when I haven't finished one UFO this year, have partially cut one quilt out, have borders ready to go on a small lap quilt, and have quilted but not bound a quilt I pieced last year?  I bought the fabric for my next OBW (blacks, golds, yellows, white in a bold pattern) and I am having an urge for a new blade and to start cutting.  But -- I have to keep it at urge level right now.  This takes a lot of time to line up and cut accurately and it takes a lot of time to sew but for some reason, I am wanting all that done so I can grab and sew when time allows.  I don't think it's rational but I don't think a lot of what quilters create starts out as rational, do you?

So -- my OBW dances in my head, basketball will be consuming for the next 3 weeks, spring will start to show signs soon (please, oh, please) and my machine needs dusting while I dust furniture!  I hope you are living your quilting dreams and your madness is all about creativity!

Keep piecing (and cutting), Jan

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LuAnn said...

Your One Block Wonder is just gorgeous. If you haven't found this web site yet, check out He has made several OBW quilts, and they are really neat. I don't have the book, but I may have to break down. We love March madness here, too. Purdue is out, so now we root for Butler.