Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boxes of Crayons

Don't you just love solids (Modas, Kona, Kaufman, whatever!) and how they play so well together?  This is a quilt for our grandson that was made with solids I had been collecting for whatever reason and leftover black and white fabrics.

The block is so easy and I forget the name.  It's the same block that's in the very bad picture of the quilt that follows but done on a smaller scale b/c it's a baby quilt.  I think these blocks finished at 8" so it's a small quilt with a faux minkee backing.

We visited our son and his family yesterday and I was reminded of how much I like the colors in this and how happy it is.  My question to you experienced quilters is do you use polyester or cotton batting on baby quilts since they get so much washing and drying?  I've been using cotton and love the "feel" of them as they get used but another quilt that I had given them (their favorite b/c it's always out when we are there) is now so thin it's almost a summer weight throw.  The fabric and stitching are fine and the batting (wadding) was good quality cotton -- it's just been loved a lot.

So -- keep piecing (and loving), Jan

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