Saturday, March 19, 2011

I dare you!

Did you take dares in school?  I absolutely did and lived to tell about them but that's another story for another time.  What about quilting dares?  Yes or no?   As far as I'm concerned that's what a "quilt challenge" is -- it's a dare to use some fabrics or a pattern, set some rules or guidelines, and let your imagination run wild.    The quilt to the right is the first challenge a few of us did.  These Valori Wells fabrics were a surprise by Paula (thanks, Paula -- you started this madness), were narrow cuts, and three of us had a few months to decide on a pattern, make the top, and then "reveal" our creations on a set date.  It was a blast!!!  Three very different tops made with the same fabrics. 
The quilt with feet to the left was my finished product.  I wish I had pix of the other two.  Our "rules" were that you could add as much of 3 or 4 other fabrics that you wanted and you had to use all the furnished fabrics in the top.  I obviously bought the same pattern line in brown and the floral for the borders and I used almost every inch.  I thnk there was just enough left for a NICU quilt.  It was oodles of fun, we all learned a lot and there have since been four more challenges as the group expands and a few private challenges.  Alas, I don't have any finished quilts from the others although one is quilted and I'm putting the binding on it.  I'll definitely share them as we go because we have all learned something as we started these, thought about patterns, wrestled with fabric we didn't love (or maybe even like). 

Here's what this means for me today!  I finally started cutting for the fifth challenge which is due to be "revealed" next month.  I am way behind but loving having fabric in my hands again.  Has been too long due to work and other household matters.  This time we all agreed on a pattern and decided we could put our own spin on it with fabrics from our stash or that we bought.  I am happy to be using fabric from my stash!

So -- if you have never done a challenge -- surprise some close quilting friends with 2-3 FQ and a quilting dare to make a quilt (you could certainly keep it small and say it's to donate to Project Linus) and watch the wheels start to turn, enjoy the laughs you will share, and let yourcreativity abound.

I dare you, Jan

PS -- speaking of challenges and my last post on March Madness.  My 9 month old grandson is beating me in the NCAA basketball family bracket challenge.  Apparently he chose his picks based on which team's mascot would win in an "chomping contest" between the two. There appears to be merit in this as he is currently 4th.  This is akin to choosing a horse to bet on based on the silks the jockey wears.  Also scientific. 

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