Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Call to Action

What a two weeks....Hurricane Sandy, a presidential election (and an end to political ads) that reminds us of the privilege of being able to "vote", and now a nor'easter to complete the trifecta!  I suspect all of us know many people in the northeast who have been without power, had damage to their homes, have been inconvenienced by mass transit issues, or maybe even lost all their possessions.  This time 18 months ago, I was traveling to NYC and the financial district on a fairly regular basis.  Coverage of the storm from Battery Park was particularly fascinating to me.

If there is one thing I know -- it's that quilters have kind and giving hearts.  I think it is in our DNA.  We've seen it disaster after disaster -- Katrina, Japan's earthquake, Australia's fires, and now Sandy to name just a few.As you would expect, the troops are rallying and there is a need for warmth.  Are we up for it?  OF COURSE we are.  So far, I've seen these two calls for action and places where quilts can be sent to aid the victims of Sandy.

American Quilter had this information about sending quilts to the Project Linus coordinator who will distribute.  If you read this, you will see that this not your typical PL quilt for a child.  Instead, they should be twin to queen size.  All the info you need is included as well as contact information should you have a question.

Victoria Findley, who many of you may know as BumbleBeans, has been active in NYC with an organization she helped establish that provides quilts to people in shelters.  They have expanded their outreach to include those impacted by Sandy.  Her information is here and you will note they are asking for store bought quilts or blankets, as well.  Contact information is also provided for questions.

I was captivated by early coverage of the storm and then slipped away to Houston for the International Quilt Festival (oh, my!) and didn't have the TV on the entire three days of 80+ temps.  So easy to forget the suffering and cold of others when you are out of the fray!
I suspect many of you are like me -- extremely grateful for all you have as we go into the Thanksgiving season -- and acutely aware that there are people suffering physically and emotionally that we can help. I'll be getting my Orca Bay ready to ship -- I knew it was a donation quilt when I made it and now I know it needs a home with someone who will not care about a few missed points!

As other means of getting quilts come to light, I'll be updating this post to include them.  BUT, don't forget that the most immediate thing we can all do is donate to American Red Cross.  It's so easy and provides much needed resources instantaneously.  I do feel blessed to live in a country where generosity and caring are basic traits of most -- we just hear about them less than the slugs that are out there creating problems.

I hope you and your quilting are blessings to someone that needs it this week!


UPDATE -- here is additional information about another outlet for donating quilts to help out.
Long Island Chapter for Quilts for  They are working with the local schools in Long Beach, pediatricians in the Rockaways, and the Community Outreach Center of Nassau Community Hospital and Winthrop Hospital.  In addition, they are going straight to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Vehicles to give to people in need. They are asking for child sized quilts.

Quilts can be sent to Carrie Crowley Davis, Long Island Quilts for Kids, 304 North Ocean Avenue, Patchogue, NY  11772.  You can also reach out to Carrie at

NEW UPDATE -- Michele at The Quilting Gallery is matching up people who can't quite make a quilt but are willing to make quilt block(s) and others who will assemble and quilt.  If time keeps you from making a quilt (or if you don't have one in inventory), this might be the way to help.  Just check out the link and see what you might be able to do.  Thanks.


M-R said...

Your Orca Bay turned out beautifully, Jan! I'm sure it will be very much appreciated by the recipient. Thanks for sharing that information -- I wasn't aware that American Quilter was also involved.

Jeannie-JB said...

What a beautiful quilt and for such a wonderful cause. Congratulations on such good work!

Sarah Craig said...

I love your Orca Bay - it will definitely make someone feel comforted and loved! Thanks for the info on places to donate, too. Whoop whoop!!

Marsha Cooper said...

It's wonderful how quilters can get together and send things to those in need.

Mariel said...
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Allison said...

your quilt is stunning! thanks for sharing these links :)

I Quilt for Fun said...

Drat - I accidentally deleted a post by someone asking me to link up. Please post again if you happen to stop by. So sorry....


Connie said...

Your quilt is beautiful and thanks for the links for donating. Thanks for sharing.
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Emily said...

this post is beautiful and so is your quilt. I came over from ginger snap crafts to invite you to join my month long Thanksgiving link party. It will be open for one more week, with fabulous features on Thanksgiving day! I would lovr for you to join us!

Susan Standen said...

A very good cause and if anyone wants to donate they can find this or other bloggers collecting blocks to make quilts. Being grateful for what we have and giving when we can to others is such a simple and easy thing to do.

Nicole@Show Off Friday said...

Beautiful quilt! I really love the applique Thanksgiving picture. Thank you so much for sharing on Show Off Friday!