Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inspiration and Appreciation

WARNING -- lots of pictures -- few words!  While cleaning up my iPhoto files, I came across a lot of pictures from quilt shows and I just love the variety of quilts and techniques.  Since I don't have a lot of progress to show from this week, I thought I'd share some quilts that I think are lovely -- and that provide inspiration to me.

Check out the first quilt.  If this doesn't prove that all kinds of disparate fabrics can be used to create a spectacular quilt -- I don't know what does!  There are calicos, florals, lame', plaids, etc.  And the design works -- at least for me.

Striking!!!!  Colors, design, values all work.

I hope you can see a close of up this quilt.  It was amazing.  I would never ever consider undertaking a piece like this - but I can certainly admire it!
This was a close up of the trapunto and quilting.  Check out the threads used for the quilting as well as the embroidery that was used to enhance it.
Hollis Chatelain.   Need I say more?
Loved the quilting on this one.  Check out that detail...
Just loved this one!  Process is not hard -- but the choice of fabrics is spectacular.  Notice how the motifs flow from one block to the other in a positive-negative way.
Beautiful, right?  Guess's the BACK to the quilt below.....
These little babies finished at 1.5", I think.  Isn't this something?  I know some of you have made this or a similar quilt before.  Kudos to you!!!
Same here.  Different quilt -- different year.  Same amount of detail....  Wow!
I couldn't leave this quilt when I saw it.  These little logs are satin and finish at 1/2" each.  This is from the late 1800's I think (won't bet my first born on that) and had been put up and was perfectly preserved.  The light just shimmered off these fabrics.  I can't tell you how many times I kept coming back to this.  I bow to this quilt maker.
I loved this.  I keep thinking about what I want to do with my ethnic (particularly African) fabrics and I keep coming back to this.  I think the string blocks were brilliant and a great counterbalance to the ovals.
Just love it.

This was a striking quilt.  From a distance, it appeared to be simply a blue/white quilt.  But up close, the "blues" were all over the place and they worked.  This is definitely on my "to do" list.

I love quilt shows. I like the samples.  I love the vendors!  I like seeing the "in" techniques/colors/fabrics (can you tell that small intricate pieced quilts were vogue one year?).  But I get most of my inspiration from walking around the exhibits and marveling at the creativity, patience, color sense, and talent of quilters when I see the finished product.  As you can imagine, this is just a little sampling of pictures I've taken -- and doesn't include all those wonderful quilts where photos aren't allowed.

What about you - what do you enjoy most at quilt shows?  I hope this has been a week of great inspiration for you!


Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing, it's so wonderful and inspiring to see the work of others :)

Chris said...

Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

P. said...

Awesome quilts, thanks for sharing! The first one just takes my breath away.

Fabrics N Quilts said...

Beautiful show!

Sue Daurio said...

Wow, thanks for taking us along to the quilt show, it sure was fun :)

Jill said...

Oh wow! Some amazing quilts there - thanks for sharing!

Just wanted to let you know that I featured one of your quilts on my round tuit post this week!
Round Tuit 106
Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Jill said...

Thanks for linking this to a Round Tuit too!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

JAKandGEEGEE said...

What great inspiration, a lovely selection of photos.

Cynthia@aquilterbynight said...

Quilt shows are awesome! That last one you pictured, the blue and white Burgoyne Surrounded, is one of my favorite patterns.

JOY @ said...

Hard to choose my favorite. On the first quilt, I do find it interesting that from a distance the little slice of black on each circle does give the quilt a 3D effect. Thanks for sharing. Found you today on "Creative Itch" but I do check out your blog a lot.

Connie said...

Beautiful quilts and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Rebecca Lynne said...

Thanks for linking to Thursday Think Tank. These photos are great...wonderful inspiration.

Claire Jain said...

These are beautiful! I wondered if that was one of Hollis's quilts. Her style is so characteristic. I'm with you on the intense quilting, too. I think I'll just admire and appreciate the beautiful work of others ;-) Thanks for sharing :-D

Mary @ Sea Quilts said...

Thanks for the peek! All the visual beauty of a quilt show ... and my feet aren't even sore.

Thanks so much,

Melissa Corry said...

Those are amazing!!

Bunny said...

Thanks for the quilt show amazing photos.