Thursday, June 9, 2011

I spy with my little eye

I should call this post "Alpha and Omega" because this is the first and last one of these I will make.  It's a first birthday quilt for our grandson and it certainly is bright.  And it's not very big and I'm OK with that!

I should not complain -- the smaller hexagons were donated by a quilter from a chat room that I followed.  I believe her mom cut these for a quilt she was never able to make.  So -- a post appeared one day with the offer of the hexagons to the first requestor.  I was lucky enough to be first and she quickly forwarded them to me.  I had started cutting the larger ones with a template and realized this was going to take forever.  I don't tend to use novelty fabrics except for an occasional pillowcase.  So -- as a result of her generosity, this quilt was finished last week

With all that said -- it was a pain to figure out what the dimensions for the smaller setting triangles needed to be.  Lots of trials, errors, ripping and then figuring out that I could cut them from a 2.25" strip.  It took me a while to realize how I should position the bias of the triangles since this is put together in rows with no inset seams.  Way too many bias pieces to suit me -- thank goodness for silk pins.

So -- I like it and am glad it's done.  Don't you love this nurse with attitude?  I asked a friend for this piece when I saw a quilt she was working on for her daughter's teacher (or someone).  Anyway, I love her and wanted her in the quilt!

I hope you are piecing and are keeping your "attitude" as well.  Jan

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