Saturday, February 19, 2011

Before and after

Look familiar?  How do we let this wonderful fabric that we love so much end up in such a mess?  Or -- better said -- how did "I" let my fabric end up wadded up, hidden, crumpled, and sometimes forgotten?

About 2 years ago, I decided I needed to stop buying fabric and start using what I had.  By the time I threw it all in the floor, ironed some of it because it was such a mess, and folded any yardage around an 8" ruler, I had used less space (seriously) and could see how many blues or reds or greens I had. Conversely, I realized my oranges, pinks, and purples were woefully inadequate.  Some fabrics get to play together and others are isolated (Kaffe, batiks, 30's, solids). 

The particularly good news is that I still get pleasure from folding yardage around that ruler and putting in on the shelf and I certainly get pleasure from just standing and admiring the colors, remembering where/why I purchased something, and being surprised by what I see on my shelves.  I will never have the stash that many of you have -- but I'm pleased to see what I do have and pull it for projects.

Keep piecing (and folding!),  Jan

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