Friday, February 11, 2011

Be loving!

What better way to be loving than give someone you love a quilt you have made -- either especially for them or because you made it out of a pattern or fabric or technique you love.

Do you give away or keep most of your quilts?  I'm about 50-50 but always like to have what I call "inventory" quilts that I can give as the opportunity moves me.   I remember hearing in the last year or so about a quilter who kept 2-3 quilts in the trunk of her car and then would hand them out to someone that moved her.  Is that the epitome of a quilter who uses our art/craft for the better?  Can you imagine what the recipient thinks for years to come?  I have never given a quilt to someone I didn't know -- I have given them to people I didn't love. Definitely something to consider as we share our joy.

Keep piecing and loving!  jan

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