Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank you, McCall's

Free is good right?  At least free quilt stuff is good.

I've just had a chance to review the new Free Modern Quilt Patterns from McCall's Quilting and McCall's Quick Quilts and once again, the generosity of publishing companies comes through.
This 10 page booklet is available here at no charge and includes three different patterns, good instructions and plenty of detail about how much fabric you need.  One just happens to be a throw sized "quilt as you go" which I have done periodically and really like.  There's something so satisfying about the quilting being done when the piecing is over.  It won't work for all patterns, but it certainly does in the one here.
Beth Hayes' editorial introduction asks the question "what is a modern quilt"and I'll let you read her answer.  What I personally think is important is that "modern" isn't necessarily synonymous with "easy" or "fast".  Clearly some are -- they are huge pieces of fabric sewn together with a bold look.  But I'm not sure that's the norm as we're watching "modern quilting" evolve.
I do not consider myself a "modern quilter" but I have been influenced by the simple (but not simplistic)  use of fabrics and colors in the last year or two.  I do like the bold lines and the visual impact.
So, if you're looking for triangles or strips, or squares -- then you may want to look at Free Modern Quilt Patterns -- there are great instructions for creating fun quilts!

Whatever your preference, I suspect you agree that free quilting stuff is good....and creating is a blast!

Keep piecing, Jan

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Marisa said...

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Have a happy sewing day!