Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blue Skies....

I am not a knitter anymore - but I love yarn and I used to love knitting.  I've done sweaters, afghans, socks, scarves, you name it!  Time and arthritis got in the way and quilting passion picked up.

This is a "sky scarf" which is current fairly popular on Ravelry, I think.  Basically, you knit a row everyday that reflects the color of the sky.  Most I have seen do the garter stitch but I decided to do popcorn as I like the blending better from row to row.  More of a "heather" look".  This will be for Mr Iquiltforfun and has 41 stitches for the 41 years of marriage.  Since it's already 15+ inches after two months, we're thinking we won't do a full year -- it would end up looking like a Harry Potter scarf and way too long to be functional.
 It has been fun to do and not too taxing.  Interestingly, I do find that if we're traveling and the days get "backed up", knitting several rows results in pain in my thumb which means I need to learn to knit continental (which is so much more ergonomic and efficient in movements) or give up the hope that I would ever be knitting funky socks in the future.  I really think I'd have to take a class as You Tube is not a great teacher for me on this for some reason.  I've done a little continental stitching - but I think I need a coach!
The yarn is worsted weight acrylic (I wasn't about to invest in fancy-dancy yarns in case this didn't work out well) and I'm using size 7 needles.

White:  foggy or snow (not much of that, thank goodness)
Blue/white:  blue skies with white clouds
Blue:  clear blue skies
Gray heather: overcast
Dark gray:  storms (last dark gray row on the left was the day of the deadly tornadoes)

There are a number of variations that I've seen.  A few people are doing "mood scarves" and using different colors to reflect their mood on any given day (that would be a bit too revealing for me).  You could also do colors to reflect how you spent your day (on the go, resting, friends, whatever).

I hope you have blue skies and are getting to stitch!  Jan


LuAnn said...

I haven't been over on Ravelry for awhile so this Sky scarf is new to me. I like yours and will have to go check it out. That day of tornados was pretty scary here. My daughter is a continental knitter, and I can knit that way but the purling continental style is still awkward to me. I have a lot of yarn projects in the works and just bought a few new skeins this afternoon. Love the scarf!

Hitch and Thread said...

What a great idea. If only I could knit... I might have to try a crochet one.

Cathy Tomm said...

Love the blue scarf. You have a good range of blue sky colours.

Sally said...

I love this scarf! I have not seen any of these, but I think it is a wonderful idea.

I often find that I can only knit a few rows at a time, depending on the number of stitches... I had wanted to attempt to knit a sweater this year, but I don't know that it'll happen. Plus, I've been much more into sewing for the last two years.

I don't know if you have seen the website knittinghelp but they have some great videos for both continental and english style knitting. I only learned continental...

Nancy said...

I ordered some yarn to knit a Sky Scarf, but it hasn't arrived yet. I thought it would be fun to knit a Sunrise/Sunset scarf, too.