Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last shall be first ...

At least for this posting.

If you're a fairly regular reader of this blog, you may have seen some of these before.  When my sister and her husband moved into "my dream home - for them", I knew I wanted to make a special quilt for them.  But, they already had 3-4 quilts, so maybe I should do something else.  After a while, we agreed that I'd take Nancy Halvorsen's "Be Attitudes" quilt and loosely (very loosely) follow her directions to make monthly wallhangings.
The January block was actually the last block I made since we started with February and worked on a flow (just in time!) basis.  I really liked this block because of the taupe, beige, and silver fabric.  I only had about a FQ of it and I'd buy yards now if I could find it.  It was perfect for this.  The "diamond" buttons are from our grandmother's button jar.
The February block was a real learning experience since it was the first one out of the box.  I quilted it on a Gammill which was a mistake.  It was fast -- it was not particularly easy nor is the quality what I really really wanted.  But redoing it was out of the question, so it's fine.  The middle heart on the right was made with fabric from an appliqué class that she and I took together -- and laughed much more than we stitched! Such good memories.
The March block was more learning.  The "cherry" button and the hanging tab buttons were from Grandmother's button jar.  Quilting is dreadful -- Gammill again.  Many of these fabrics are from the Nancy Odom appliqué quilt I made for her 50th birthday -- and I've loved them and saved them for a good reason.

Each of these measures in the 15" to 18" range and look darling in her kitchen!  More to follow on future posts....

I hope you have someone special in your life that you love to share your quilting with!  Jan


Sandra Kaye said...

I love this pattern ...every time I see it...Great job!! I'm sure your sister will love them!! Hugs

Friendship Crossing said...

Those turned out so sweet!! I love Art to Heart pattern books!


Rachel said...

Awww...I love that snowman block! So cute.

(Came over to visit from Sew Many Ways)

Erika said...

These are precious--what a great gift!
I featured one of your blocks in today's post.

It's a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

Anonymous said...

I really like this all pictures collections.Snowman pictures are really great.Silver fabrics background really increase beauty in the cards.