Sunday, January 1, 2012

The good, the bad, and the ugly....

 The year in review -- the good, the bad, and the ugly!  Some I love and a few -- not so much!
My test block for Kim McLean's Lollypop Trees.  I have decided to go with a different background and hope you'll be seeing more blocks in 2012!
Blanche Young's pattern for Trip Around the World.  Loved her precision and liked the quilt.  Was done as a challenge with friends where we all used the same core fabrics and then added to with a "big reveal" at a retreat.  Such fun!  Given to my son's friend as a wedding present.
Definitely in the "ugly" category.  This crisscross quilt was easy to make and fast.  I started out trying to use my charm squares that I had gotten in a swap years ago and had no plans for  -  as well as from my strip bin for the "crosses".  This just did not work and I plan to make it again but with a more controlled palette.  I think I gave this to charity or sent to Japan with their terrible devastation.  It will keep someone warm -- but not necessarily feed their creativity.
My birthday quilt that I've blogged about.  I love it because of what it means and the fabrics selected just for me by the people I love the most.
My first and last hexagon "I Spy" quilt for my grandson.  Learned a lot -- and one of the things I learned is that kids won't care if these are hexagons or squares!
NICU quilts with friends for a hospital in Chicago.  We've used these to practice piecing and quilting while hoping they will bring peace to the baby and family.
 Quilt for a co-worker.  Loved the mindless sewing!  Surprised by how much fabric this used however.
Wedding quilt for son's close friend in Montana.  Fun to make but the harlequin pattern is not as bold as I had hoped.
 Quilt for co-worker.

Grandmother's Choice.  Finally got this one bound.  Blogged about finding the right home for the right quilt.
Chuck's wedding quilt.  Delivered and hopefully being used.  Cover quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting.
Carolina Christmas finally finished from year before last, I think. Big queen and wonderfully comfortable.
Mahalo! as a thank you for friends' generosity during our trip to Hawaii.  From Kim Schaeffer's book.
Quilt for co-worker.  This was also a challenge among friends with our all using the same pattern and revealing at a retreat. Another quilt from Kim Schaeffer's book (although I added the sashings/cornerstones and didn't do the small pieced border blocks.  I was ready to be done!

So -- that's the quilting part of my life in 2011.  In addition, I should mention that the year also consisted of other joys and challenges (like everyones).

  1. I managed an integration of the people part of an acquisition of our largest competitor in one segment of our business.  They did not necessarily come willingly.  It was tough and there were many long days, late night calls, weekend conference calls, and unexpected "surprises"!
  2. We got the house ready to sell.
  3. Within 90 days of listing our house, we had sold, put all our belongings in storage and moved into temporary living -- without telling anyone but close family and friends.
  4. Lived in a hotel/temp living arrangement for 60+ days.
  5. RETIRED with no place to go.
  6. Moved to Kentucky and left wonderful friends, an incredible village and a very special church.  Moved 7 hours farther away from our son and his family in the process.  Definitely tears.  Lots of them.
  7. Stayed in a hotel for short period of time before closing on a house and leaving for Hawaii the next day.
  8. Lived in new house with NO furniture (other than appliances and 2 twin mattresses/box springs) for 1.5 months.
This has been a year that we will remember in all the good ways.  There was some sadness -- there were some tears -- but all in all, there has been more joy and peace and that's my hope for all of us as we think about all we want to accomplish in our quilting lives and our personal lives!  

I hope you have joy.  Jan


Exuberant Color said...

That was quite a year but in spite of it you got a lot of quilts made. Therapy I'm sure. I hope you have adjusted to the move and are happy in your new home.

Terri said...

I love all your quilts! I especially like the one you don't. It has a wonderful pattern, and the strips are very interesting against the other fabric in the blocks. I love it scrappy. Can't wait to see a new version...

Wendy said...

Wow! Love your Trip Around the World and Grandmother's Choice the best. Happy New Year!

sorbetsurprise said...

I love the first block, so colourful and the background really makes it pop, my favourite is the Grandmother's Choice quilt though.

Miri said...

Quite a year and some wonderful quilts! Sounds like you're ready for some new adventures!

Kris from DukeSaysSewWhat said...

That hexagon or square comment made me true! Hexis are alot of work. But I really do love that hexi quilt!!

Andy said...

I actually love your criss cross quilt!

Love Of Quilts said...

I like all your quilts you do a good job quilting.