Friday, October 7, 2011

Is patience really a virtue?

I want to quilt....

I don't want to

~ clean
~ deal with contractors who don't show up on time
~ make decisions that really don't matter
~ live without furniture and most of my fabric
~ buy stuff that's not fabric or for people I love
~ feel anchor less

But -- for another 2 weeks, those things have to happen and I have to squeeze in a bit of quilting and a bit of family and a bit of "me" time.

I know it will be worth it because I see the progress but I miss my furniture and having a comfortable chair to sit in.  Somehow, sitting on the stairs doesn't really suffice!

I will have to continue to whine and live through all the wonderful things you all are doing.  Have you seen Janet's Trailing Vines quilt -- while I have 15 Lollypops blocks by Kim McLean to do -- I think I want to do the Susan McCord quilt that Janet is graciously writing instructions for.  See -- I have better things to do than clean....

Keep piecing and I'll try not to whine again!  Jan


Sandra Kaye said...

Sometimes its good to get things off your chest. :):) I have always liked the attitude quilt you are working on.

Heather said...

Recently I moved 4 times in one year. I feel your pain.