Thursday, September 22, 2011


Things I've learned in the last three weeks!

  1. Retirement is fun and thus far, no adjustment necessary.  I've fallen right into not working and loving it!  Probably means the time was right.
  2. Hawaii is beautiful.  Colors reminded me of batiks wherever I went.  Weather was grand, food was mediocre, company was great, culture is fascinating, and getting there and back is a chore.
  3. Destination weddings are challenging.  But if the bride is happy, we're all happy.  My niece was a beautiful bride and her sister was equally radiant!  
  4. Moving is a pain -- and we don't even have furniture yet.  Living in a house on twin mattresses and box springs and whatever kitchen accouterments we had in temp living has its moments.  We at least have a fridge so keeping Diet Cokes cool is easier.  We have at least another month of this as we deal with painters, electricians, tilers, plumbers,  and counter people.  In many ways it's easier because you don't have all your stuff to keep moving and working around -- and I have to keep telling myself that when I need something that is in storage.
  5. Quilting is harder -- lacking furniture is the first problem (solved with a borrowed table) -- but being tired and distracted is the other problem.  I so miss it.  I've stayed connected with a few quilt bloggers from my iPad and am envious of new starts, finishes, focus on BOMs, designing, and hearing about normal life.  Since patience has never been a virtue I've excelled in -- I will have to continue to live vicariously through all of you and relish your work, pin it to my Pinterest page for inspiration and reminders, and keep dreaming of what I want to do.
I'll leave you with an idea of how much fun we have ahead of us!

Keep piecing and I'll keep enjoying your progress!


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Kathy said...

Loving the colours there in Hawaii, Jan! Good luck with the renovating. Where are you renovating - Hawaii or UK?